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    Underworld: Metro Museum opens after reconstruction
    Underworld: Metro Museum opens after reconstruction 26 September 2016

    Petersburg Metro is the deepest subway in the world. But not only this our remarkable underground - its stations may please the eye, and the story holds many secrets. November 2, Museum of St. Petersburg metro reopens its doors after a complete renovation.

    Thanks to the work conducted by the museum into a modern interactive educational center, where you can not just look at the exhibits, but also to further explore the work of the underground. The first hall is stylized lobby metro sample 1960: here installed turnstiles and ticket office, and launched special sound effects.

    In addition, in the museum there was a cinema-lecture with interactive zones, as well as the layout of the four cars of the 1960s, which demonstrate the trajectory of movement of the original composition. They go over an improvised tunnel, drive up to the indoor and outdoor stations and at the end of the day go to the park. Also, guests will be glad to cars of different times.

    At first, the museum can be visited by appointment only.

    Also in the Metropolitan Museum of Art opened an exhibition of Ilya Tikhomirov. The author has created a series of cartoons about the St. Petersburg subway and escorted each drawing poetic couplet. It is noteworthy that the underground is shown in terms of passenger and associations, sometimes very unexpected, perfectly convey the atmosphere of each of the stations. The artist says that "Avtovo" reminiscent of the Soviet service, "Gorky" - flying saucer, and the "Novocherkassk" - an intricate maze. According to Ilya, a lot of work, because not all painted the St. Petersburg subway station.